Innovating to create new freedom: that's Billie.

Behind everything we do at Billie stands one central idea: We believe that technology should be used to free people from unnecessary struggles and open up new possibilities – both in their personal lives and in their business. With new, digital technologies for B2B transactions, payment processing and dunning, we make companies fit for the future. Whether large or small, traditional business or e-commerce - we enable fast liquidity, automated processes, and fair access to the best payment solutions.


The upgrade for B2B payments

While payments in the B2C space have long been smooth and flexible, many businesses lose time managing old-fashioned invoicing processes and navigating cash flow shortages. Billie offers innovative services around B2B payments from short-term liquidity to online payments, providing a much-needed upgrade to these outdated processes. Thanks to our fully digital solutions, companies can pay and get paid on their own terms in the easiest and fastest way possible - whether traditional business or e-commerce.


Our Milestones

Billie at a glance

December 2016

Billie is founded

Along with other fintech experts, Dr. Christian Grobe, Dr. Matthias Knecht and Aiga Senftleben found Billie.

June 2017

Billie Product & Website Launch

After development phase as well as seed round, Billie goes live in June 2017 as a B2B working capital specialist for SMEs.

November 2017

10 Million in Funding for Billie

In its very first year, Billie raises 10 million in investment capital in its Series A financing round.

May 2019

Launch of Billie Boost

Boost expands the range of services for B2B transactions and Billie now offers Buy now, pay later for B2B online stores.

June 2019

30 Million in Financing for Billie

In the Series B financing round, Billie receives another 30 million from notable investors to expand its product portfolio.

February 2020

More than 100 Billievers

Over 100 employees from more than 35 nations collaborate on the mission to upgrade the operating system of B2B payments.

February 2021

Over 100,000 Boost Users

Now, more than 100,000 businesses regularly use "buy now, pay later" with Billie Boost to provide B2B payment flexibility.

May 2021

750 Million in Financing Volume

More and more businesses rely on Billie's liquidity solutions. Around 750 million Euros have already been paid out to customers.

September 2021

Partnership with Klarna

Together with Klarna, we want to bring "Buy Now, Pay Later" for B2B to the masses, making it available to business customers worldwide.

October 2021

100 Million Financing Round

In Series C, Billie receives a total of $100 million from well-known, experienced investors such as Dawn Capital and Klarna.

Our Partners

We combine the dynamics of a startup with the highest banking standards.

  • The certified data center of the tax consulting group ETL with servers located in Germany guarantees highest data security.

  • Our financing partner provides us with the funds to pay your invoices directly.

  • The world's leading provider of credit insurance protects our Billie users from payment defaults.

Calling All Innovators

 Vanaja Sriskandarajah, Director of Product at Billie

From complex risk models and payment systems to advanced process automations; there's a lot happening at Billie to create a seamless experience for our customers. It is also a wonderfully diverse company in so many ways. This has inspired a professional, creative and supportive working atmosphere that is a pleasure to experience on a daily basis.

Vanaja Sriskandarajah, VP Product at Billie

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