Privacy Policy

Data protection provisions and consent under data protection law

This privacy policy contains information relevant to users of products of Billie GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Billie or we). 

Billie offers companies the opportunity to pre-finance trade receivables to other companies (hereinafter factoring service). In particular, companies have the option to use the payment methods offered by Billie when ordering goods and services on websites operated by Billie's partners (hereinafter Buy Now, Pay Later, or BNPL services).

For the use of our factoring services, when using our BNPL services, and for visiting websites operated by us, it is necessary for Billie to collect, process and store data from you and/or the company as well as personal data.

The transparent and protected handling of your data is a top priority for us. This privacy policy, therefore, explains in detail which personal data we collect, process, and store.

For easier orientation, the individual passages are preceded by explanations for which users they are relevant to in each case.

  • If you visit our website or a page linked to it (hereinafter referred to as website), the passages marked "VISITOR" are relevant for you. 

  • If you are a registered customer of Billie’s and use the factoring services offered by us, in particular the online platform, accessible at (hereinafter App), the passages marked "CUSTOMER" are relevant for you.

  • If you are the operator of an online webshop and if one or more payment methods offered by Billie are integrated into your webshop, in particular, if you use the Merchant Dashboard provided by us, accessible at (hereinafter Dashboard), the passages marked "MERCHANT" are relevant for you.

  • If you use Billies BNPL services as a buyer in an online webshop operated by a merchant and, in particular, use the buyer portal set up by us for buyers, accessible at (hereinafter Portal), the passages marked "BUYER" are relevant for you.

  • If a passage is marked with "ALL USERS", it is relevant for the user groups VISITOR, CUSTOMER, MERCHANT, and BUYER.

  • Insofar as information in this privacy policy, in particular with regard to cookies and scripts used, is equally relevant for the website, app, dashboard, and portal, it is generally referred to as Billie’s WEBSITES

This privacy policy is structured as follows:

  1. Section 1 sets out our data protection principles and general information.

  2. Section 2 explains details about the collection, processing, and storage of your data.

  3. Section 3 covers the collection and storage of data relating to web analytics and cookies when you visit our websites, our dashboard, and our portal.

  4. Section 4 covers the processing of data for the purpose of sending advertising.

  5. Section 5 contains the modalities for changing this privacy policy.

  6. Section 6 contains your rights of revocation, information, and deletion of your personal data as well as a corresponding contact address.

Overview of our Privacy Policy

1. Data protection principles and general information

2. Data collection, data processing, and data storage - ALL USERS

3. Web analytics and cookies - ALL USERS

4. Sending information of a marketing nature - ALL USERS

5. Updates to Privacy Policy - ALL USERS

6. Right of information and complaint - ALL USERS