Buy Now, Pay Later and Digitization

A B2B Guide for the Automotive Industry

Looking for ways to add Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and flexible payment options to your automotive B2B business? Our comprehensive guide can help. It explains changing needs as well as common hurdles and gives you essential information on how to identify B2B automotive buyers and smoothly introduce BNPL into your digital transformation process.

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As the automotive industry goes digital, overcoming current roadblocks to use flexible payment terms can seriously boost sales for automotive businesses by reaching into this mostly untouched source of income.


Unravel the emerging demand for digitization and convenient payment methods like BNPL in the automotive industry.


Explore potential challenges and strategies to overcome obstacles related to payments, customer identification, and e-commerce capabilities.


Discover how partnering with a specialized B2B BNPL provider, such as Billie, can drive growth and digital transformation for automotive merchants.

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