Billie x Klarna: Redefining Business Payments in E-commerce

In October 2021, Billie and Klarna decided to join forces and transform online payments for business transactions. Our goal: Rolling out Billie’s business-to-business (B2B) Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution to the thousands of merchants already using Klarna. What started out as an ambitious idea has become reality only six months later: With our very first Billie x Klarna merchant mymuesli. Read on to find out how we turned around this extensive project and why BNPL is so important for business buyers.

Mymuesli nutzt BNPL mit Billie

Offering Business Customers the Payment Methods They Love

It’s been six months since we’ve announced our exciting new partnership with Klarna to offer Billie’s Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions to even more business-to-business (B2B) customers. And what an eventful time it has been. After the initial plan to integrate Billie’s B2B payments with online merchants already using Klarna, we had to make this idea a reality. Not only did this mean building the integration to ensure frictionless communication between the two operating systems, but also adjusting our existing product. We built a new checkout widget, had to review all the legal requirements, and of course implement our brand new solution with our first exclusive “design merchant”. Now, we are beyond proud to say that only six months later we have welcomed our very first merchant: mymuesli

mymuesli is now the first company to use Billie’s BNPL solution directly integrated via Klarna in their B2B checkout. Business customers placing orders in mymuesli’s online shop can now benefit from the same level of flexibility as consumers using Klarna. They can buy their favorite mymuesli products for the entire office and pay later for the order — while making their employees happy right away.

“There has been a high demand for payment by invoice, especially among our business customers, but we didn't have sufficient capacity to build a proper solution. So we were happy to hear that we can now easily implement Billie into our checkout by simply using our existing Klarna integration. So far the reactions from our customers have been really positive and we can already see conversion rates on the rise.” (Patricia Mitterer, mymuesli E-Commerce & Tech) 

Want to make your online store a success story as well? Join mymuesli and become one of the shops to profit from Billie x Klarna for business customers:

How it Works

Payment by invoice allows business customers to optimize their company’s cash flow while having the needed goods shipped right away. This is why BNPL is so popular among B2B customers. However, in most cases the process is still very complicated. The Billie technology aims to make B2B transactions as easy as consumer shopping. Our BNPL solution automatically identifies and verifies the buyer’s legal entity, making the purchase experience as fast and effortless as possible and even allowing separate shipping addresses. Some merchants implementing BNPL for the first time see an increase in conversion rates of 40 percent and more

On the merchant’s side, mymuesli can now benefit from our real-time risk assessment: Using our B2B-specific technology, risk and likelihood of payment default or fraud are assessed in milliseconds, offering almost instant results. Billie’s algorithm has been trained for years, specifically in the B2B sector, resulting in acceptance rates of up to 90 percent. This, in turn, means significantly higher conversion rates for the merchant since fewer BNPL requests are being declined. And there are no restrictions as to who can use it: Billie is available to returning business customers as well as new customers, or companies browsing online for a one-time purchase. Additionally, if a payment default occurs — Billie covers it entirely.

Thanks to our new partnership with Klarna, merchants like mymuesli can now offer Buy Now, Pay Later” to businesses, simply by activating Billie in their Klarna Payments integration.

We are very excited about the easy integration with Billie. It required little effort from our IT department, despite the specific technical requirements for business customers in our web store. We quickly worked out an individual solution together. The communication with Billie's customer support was ideal and a great help for our tech team.”  (Patricia Mitterer, mymuesli E-Commerce & Tech)

From Idea to Finished Product

If you work at a tech company or even run a tech business yourself, you’ll probably know how much can go wrong when implementing comprehensive projects such as this one. You may not have the resources or tech capabilities to realize your idea. You may run behind schedule, which in turn could delay your partner’s processes. Or you may be held back by cumbersome paperwork and bureaucracy (especially in Germany). 

We too came across a few obstacles along the way. Our Compliance Team had to make sure that everything was rock-solid regarding our licenses and regulations. This process alone can take a long time. Working with a large partner like Klarna also meant that we had to communicate very clearly every step of the way to make sure we’re still on the same page. One misunderstanding could have led to huge delays. We were the first provider to integrate with Klarna’s checkout system, so this kind of product integration was new to both teams. But luckily both sides were equally driven to make this integration work. So, here we are — only six months later with a new partnership and mymuesli on board. 

Together we achieved success

It was an exciting but challenging time. This is why we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time frame.

“The team at Billie has done an incredible job in turning around this integration with Klarna in only a few months. It was an ambitious project and I have seen so much dedication and focus across the teams. Thanks to the departments pulling together, we're now seeing the fruits of our labor, with mymuesli using our B2B BNPL solution.” (Dr. Matthias Knecht, Co-Founder at Billie) 

We’re thrilled to have mymuesli on board and we’re looking forward to seeing many more merchants use Billie’s B2B BNPL integration with Klarna in the future.

Maria Zabel

Maria Zabel

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