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Little Lunch relies on B2B invoice purchasing

Making the leap from a purely business-to-consumer (B2C) company to building a business-to-business (B2B) company is not only courageous, but also requires the conversion of sales channels and payment processing with the assistance of reliable partners. We spoke to Denis Gibisch, founder and CEO of Little Lunch, about the importance of payments by invoice, and the collaboration with Billie.

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Little Lunch relies on Billie for customer acquisition in B2B

On the basis of the motto "Fully organic. Really tasty. For you.", the Augsburg-based company Little Lunch produces and sells healthy soups and sauces in jars for quick and delicious lunches - at home and in the office. They started in 2014 as a pure B2C company, quickly gained popularity through an appearance on "Die Höhle der Löwen" in 2015 and have since advanced to become the market leader in organic soups. Since 2020, Little Lunch has no longer focused exclusively on end-customer sales, but is increasingly directing its sales efforts at B2B customers as well. 

Around 1,200 business customers now use the food producer's services every month. In order to make the ordering process as convenient and simple as possible for them, Little Lunch and its 25 employees rely on an online store that is oriented to the needs of the customers. An important aspect for convincing customers in the long term is the rapid integration of a well-functioning payment by invoice system in the store. 

Billie: Many people already know Little Lunch soups as end customers from their trusted supermarket. Can you tell us a little more about Little Lunch's B2B target group?

Gibisch: Little Lunch is ideal for employees who value healthy eating but lack the time or opportunity to cook for themselves. With our organic soups and organic sauces, we can offer a quick, uncomplicated, and healthy alternative. 

In many companies it is now common practice for employers to provide meals for employees during working hours, or at least to support them on a large scale. A large number of them, in turn, attach importance to balanced eating away from snack machines & such. This is exactly where we come in with our B2B concept and want to bring the quick and healthy lunch break to Germany's offices.

Billie: Why did you decide to offer payment by invoice in your store from now on?

"We decided to offer Payment by Invoice with Billie in our online store because we found that more than half of our customers want to buy through this payment method."

Denis Gibisch, CEO at Little Lunch
Denis Gibisch, CEO at Little Lunch

Gibisch: When designing our store and its features, we try to orient ourselves as best as we can to the wishes of our clients. One of them was clear: more than half of our store customers want to shop and pay by invoice. It was therefore obvious that we needed a Buy Now, Pay Later solution.

Billie: The Little Lunch online store for business customers has already been around since 2020. If so many customers want payments by invoice, why didn't you decide on a solution to implement Buy Now, Pay Later earlier? 

Gibisch: For one thing, we initially underestimated how many customers would like payments by invoice. Many customers are even able to buy exclusively on account due to internal guidelines and processes. Secondly, it wasn't that easy to find a suitable provider. There are a number of solutions for B2C stores, but the situation is different in the B2B segment. Fortunately, there is Billie.

Billie: Is that also the reason why you finally chose Payment by Invoice with Billie or are there other reasons? And how did you actually become aware of Billie?

Gibisch: We discovered Billie quite unspectacularly via the search engine. We were looking for a competent and at the same time modern partner. Here, Billie convinced us as a pure and first B2B player for Buy Now, Pay Later with a good, technical solution.

Billie: Can you briefly tell us what your objective is in offering payments by invoice and integrating Buy Now, Pay Later in your B2B online store?

"Payment by Invoice helps us to attract new customers to our B2B store, and optimize the conversion rate in the checkout."

Gibisch: With the implementation of payment by invoice as a payment method, we are hoping for an increase in new customer acquisition. As already mentioned, this is a must for many business partners, which we can now realize thanks to Billie. As a result, we also expect an increase in revenue as well as an opportunity for conversion optimization in the checkout process.

Billie: How would you describe the implementation process and what teams were involved? 

Gibisch: In addition to our development team, which was responsible for the technical implementation, our marketing and finance teams were also involved. 

We received great advice during the process and found it very pleasant, smooth and fast.

Does Billie also sound like the right partner for you? Did the interview with Little Lunch convince you? Do you have your own B2B online store and are looking for a suitable payment solution for your customers? Find out more about payment on invoice with Billie on our website or contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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