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Billie Celebrates Mental Health Week to Raise Awareness

It has never been more important to pay attention to mental health at the workplace. October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and Billie took this day as an occasion to create an entire week around mental health. With various talks and workshops — by internal and external experts — the aim was to increase awareness toward this important matter, destigmatize mental health at work and provide practical resources for guidance.

Mental health week at Billie GmbH
Mental health awareness at Billie GmbH

Mental Health in the Workplace

An entire week dedicated to mental health in the workplace in order to create awareness and provide practical resources for everyone at Billie in need of it.

“Especially after a year of working in the pandemic, which has placed the most diverse demands on all of us, we felt it was important to address our mental health. For Billie, it's important that our employees are healthy, and that applies both physically and mentally.” Aiga - Co-founder

To kick off the week, everyone received postcards designed by our graphic designer, Adriano Garcia Suarez. The idea was that everyone got the chance to share encouraging words of appreciation with their co-workers. 

"Thank you" Postcards that were given to the employees in order to share words of appreciation with each other
"Thank you" Postcards that were given to the employees in order to share words of appreciation with each other

In a following lunch-talk on Tuesday with one of Billie’s engineering managers, titled “Everything is fine'', Michael Schreck discussed how the pandemic affected our lives in an unprecedented way, including our mental health. In a more hands-on approach on Wednesday, Consultant, Business Coach and Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Dr. Ninja Senf-Oppermann gave an introduction to meditation. Co-Founder Aiga Senftleben also incorporated meditation into her weekly yoga class that she teaches at Billie.

In another lunch-talk on Thursday, Billie’s VP of Sales, Gianna, and Co-founder Christian shared their personal experiences of work-related stress and burnout, how it affected their everyday lives and work productivity, as well as coping mechanisms and professional help they sought out to get through these times.

Gianna and Christoph from Billie
Co-founder Christian and VP Sales Gianna share their experiences about mental health in the workplace

Throughout the week, helpful and informative media (TED-talks, podcasts, meditation apps) encompassing mental health topics  was shared in a newly designated Slack channel. Also notable was a guide on how to find professional help in Germany. In an oftentimes confusing process, especially for our international colleagues, it is imperative that those seeking support can more easily access it. To end the week on a high note, all Billievers had Friday off to take care of their well-being. Some spent the day in a spa, many took the opportunity to relax at home, and one person even went to a temple to meditate.

"It is important to understand that it is okay to sometimes not be okay." - Gianna, VP Sales

Outcome of the Mental Health Week

Reflecting on this event, our Billievers felt it was a positive step in being more open about this still highly stigmatized subject. We’d like to thank our speakers for sharing their experiences and all of the participants who contributed to these important conversations. 

Looking ahead in 2022, Billie is excited to host another mental health week in recognition of World Mental Health Day.

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